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New School Preparatory is proud to be featured in the October, 2003 issue of Teaching K-8 Magazine . In addition, we received the following letter from Patricia M. Broderick, Vice-President and Editorial Director of the magazine:

We were enormously impressed with the school when we visited. Our goal, as we wrote the story was to attempt to capture the way in which the arts are integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, the "think different" mentality pervades the school, and the extremely creative teaching techniques and strategies we witnessed.

Teaching/K-8 Magazine visits schools all the time, and I would personally rank New School Preparatory among the best we've seen .

The purpose of our school visits is to promote the good teaching we see in schools throughout the country. We believe it's important to emphasize how good schools and teachers really are - schools like New School Preparatory, its principal and its teachers.

You can be very proud of New School Preparatory, its teachers, parents and students.

Most sincerely,

Patricia M. Broderick
Vice President/Editorial Director

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