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Middle School Program Course Descriptions


Grade Six Language Arts

This course emphasizes writing, grammar, vocabulary, and literature. Students learn to construct essays and how an argument is built (from thesis statement to conclusion). Grammar topics include fragments, run-ons, and splices. Literature units expose students to a variety of genre: fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Students learn to look for themes and main ideas beyond the story line.

Grade Seven Language Arts

Students continue to study writing, grammar, vocabulary, and literature. Writing instruction emphasizes preparation for college SAT testing. Daily writing exercises emphasize exposition, the art of written persuasion, and how to develop a topic. Literature study asks students to identify universal themes. Research methodology is introduced and used in writing and debate classes.

Grade Eight Language Arts

Grade Eight students focus on advancing their writing skills and comprehension skills through the study of literature. Short story, novel, and poetry studies enable students to gain an appreciation of the human experience and improve their ability to identify main ideas and subtle inferences.

Middle School Debate

Middle School students learn the art of debate through the study of logic, rhetoric, and current events. Students research and analyze various topics of importance and debate formally and informally. Students will participate in the school's annual Middle School Debate Forum held each Spring.

Course Shortcuts

Language Arts/Debate
Science and Technology
Social Studies/History
Foreign Language
Physical Education
The Arts

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