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New School is frequently featured in national and local media. Read what others have to say about us below:

New School Excels at State Level
Wunderkinds Erin Murphy and Cameron Graham are among the students at New School Preparatory who speak German, create in German – and even win major awards for their expertise in the German Language.[Full article here]

Much Ado About Something
New School's performance of Much Ado About Nothing is covered by WFTV Channel 9 News here.

School That's Cool
On a Friday afternoon, when these kids could be kicking a soccer ball around or chattering over pizza in the lunchroom, they have opted instead for front-row seats to a tense chess match. It features Alex Sandor athletic, charming and 12 years old against a pair of rivals. Alex, it seems, has conquered every solo opponent, including his teacher, and now they are ganging up on him.
[ Full article here.]

It's the Arts, Stupid
Morris Sorin, the principal and director of New School Preparatory, walks excitedly through a sea of empty, miniature desks and chairs. His wide eyes are animated behind his thick glasses, and his smile never fades.
[ Full article here. ]

New School Featured on WMFE Arts Connection
Each winter students study a form of music that enriches their understanding of musical history. This year the focus was on opera. WMFE featured NSP on its ARTS CONNECTION segment on February 6, 2004. Hear highlights from their WinterFest performance last December here.

Sesame Street Meets Puccini
It's five minutes to curtain time. The cast is in place backstage and the audience is brimming with holiday cheer. But it's all Karen Sorin can do to keep a grim smile in place. Sorin is the show's director, and what she has on her hands is no ordinary grade-school holiday show. This one features a cast of 145 students, ages 5 through 13, and none of them is dressed as archangels, elves or dancing reindeer.
[ Full article here. ]

Much Ado About School
All the world's a stage and, by marrying rigorous academics to the creative and performing arts, New School of Orlando is turning out some very impressive players.[ Full article here. ]

Art Works!
Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, Dennie Palmer Wolf, of Harvard's PACE edited a series of books, Moving Middle Schools, that focused on schools that are able to demand rigorous academic standards of excellence from its students. New School Preparatory was featured as a model school to show the power of the arts to enhance learning in the content areas in middle school. The New School chapter, "Going up to Harlem" shows how excellence in learning can be articulated, expected, and achieved.
[ Full article here. ]

Basics or Bravo?
John Dewey said the way to accumulate knowledge is to gather information and be able to use it in a new situation. How does one - at any age - gather information that will stay with them? It's not by just memorizing, or by just reading. You only remember about 17% of what you hear, 50% of what you see and 80% of what you do. It's by interacting with the environment that most is learned, theorized Dewey. This is the guiding philosophy of Morris (Morrie) Sorin, guru of New School Preparatory.
[ Full article here. ]

Arc de Triumphant
What would have happened if Joan of Arc was tried by a group of contemporary eighth-grade girls? History may have recorded one less martyr and actress Ingrid Bergman may have lost a paycheck. Selected eighth-grade language arts students from New School Preparatory are recreating great trials of history. The program provides meaningful opportunities for reading, writing, research and communication skills, while teaching history from the inside out.
[ Full article here. ]

Harlem Renaissance
Students at New School Preparatory learned more than 1920's literature and history as they explored the era.
[ Full article here. ]

An Artful Approach
Led by an all-star lineup of Central Florida artisans, middle school students at New School Preparatory are using the arts to learn about the Harlem Renaissance.
[ Full article here. ]


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