New School Preparatory Pathfinder Trip
New School Preparatory PathfinderNew School Preparatory Pathfinder TripNew School Preparatory Pathfinder Trip

Pathfinder Outdoor Education

Each fall, students in Grades Six, Seven, and Eight travel to Brandon, Florida to participate in this unique experiential bonding experience. Pathfinder, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps youth create a more positive and fully engaged learning community.

Pathfinder programs are grounded in a tradition of experiential education. All programs, regardless of the age or ability of the participant, the length of time or location of the program, are hands-on, interactive and fun with a solid, non-competitive curriculum. All activities are embedded with the themes of developing character and community and most programs take place outdoors.

Pathfinder facilitators have expertise with learners of all ages and abilities. They ensure the safest possible physical and emotional environment for learners to participate in activities and guided discussions that address identified goals. A variety of challenges to are tailored to participants' skills, abilities, previous experience, cultural diversity, learning abilities, and organizational goals. All facilitators have, at minimum, extensive experience in the areas they facilitate (most have a BA or MA in a related field) and current training in First Aid, CPR, and Water Safety.

Course Shortcuts

Language Arts/Debate
Science and Technology
Social Studies/History
Foreign Language
Physical Education
The Arts

New School Preparatory Pathfinder TripNew School Preparatory Pathfinder Trip

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