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Our Philosophy

New School Preparatory provides an advanced academic curriculum. A gifted education encourages students to explore, observe, and discover. Challenging activities help develop critical and creative thinkers.
Students at all grade levels are taught Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Computers and Technology. The curriculum helps students develop an understanding of philosophy, literature, economics, and the social sciences.

Creative and Performing Arts
Educational research has shown that students who participate in the arts perform better academically. At New School Preparatory, students are given opportunities that help them grow into “renaissance” people. Through music, art, dance, and theater, students learn to appreciate and enjoy the enriching experience of the arts.

Multiple Intelligences
At New School Preparatory, the concept of Multiple Intelligences is embraced. There are many ways children can be smart. Howard Gardner has identified eight different intelligences:

  • Linguistic intelligence ("word smart"):
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
  • Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
  • Musical intelligence ("music smart")
  • Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
  • Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")
  • Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")

Our Goals
Individualized Instruction: Teachers identify the level in which a student is functioning in all academic areas and plan instruction based on that assessment.
Critical Thinking: Students are expected to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information gathered or generated by observation, experience, reflection, and reasoning.
Creative Thinking: Students are given opportunities to generate new ideas and concepts or new associations of existing ideas and concepts.
Thinking Outside the Box: Students are encouraged to look at a problem and form a new perspective without preconceptions.
Proactive Action: Students are taught to develop an awareness of others and care about them, taking action to help whenever it is needed.
Emotional Development:  It is our goal to help students adjust to and deal with their emotional needs. Emotionally strong students will be proactive in our society. They will be able to identify problems and take action to resolve them.
Dignity of the Individual: Every student is expected to be treated with dignity by his teachers and fellow students and to afford that dignity to others in return.

Principle of Logical Consequences: All actions have consequences. Students are constantly making choices. Good choices elicit positive responses, while poor choices result in logical consequences for those choices.
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